Consti Changed at AGM 2014

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The UPAA-MB, Inc. Constitution and By-laws change was ratified at the Annual General Meeting last October 18 at the William Stephenson Library in Keewatin.

Changes included the addition of an Internal Auditor to be appointed by year-end. An Auditing Committee will be placed under the Special Committees and the Executive Board of that particular calendar year will create the responsibilities of the auditor.

The term of office of the Board of Directors has also been extended from one to two years and will be effective by next year, 2015.

The limit of the number of years as an officer was also removed and any member can be re-elected, accept nomination and hold office every Nomination and Election period.

Memberjayship Fees have also changed from $5 to$10 dollar and a $100 Meeting Expense allowance was approved to be given to the Board of Directors each year.

The final revised version will be released on November 10.

2014 Reports

The 2014 Executive and Committee Heads also presented their accomplishments. The treasurer reported that a total of $3,935.79 is in the bank but the following will still be deducted: UP Bursary-  $2,297.00; Winnipeg Harvest- $100; and Siloam-$100. $60 is the cash on hand.

The Fundraising Committee meanwhile reported that the Hoodie Profit was $584.92; and that Flapjack Sales was $2,497.00. The total profit will be donated to the UP Bursary, Siloam, and Winnipeg Harvest.

The Information and Communication committee on the other hand reported on the completion of a Photojournalism Talk, website maintenance, coordination with media, local newspapers, and the Philippine Canadian Inquirer leading to published posters and news releases (Flapjack, Bursary, AGM); website statistics such as article reads and visits; and completed articles (see, and suggested newsletter titles: Ranyag or The Torch.

The Membership committee reported on completed activities like the Winter Activity at Forth Whyte, Meet and Greet, and the Palarolympics.

Upcoming Activities are: Curling Game on November 1 and Christmas Party on December 12. The Christmas Party venue will be decided on based on the results of a poll to be made on the event page. Choices are Danny’s Barbecue and Canton Buffet.

The Social Responsibility committee reported on past Siloam Activities: February 8, October 11 and one upcoming on December 6; and 1 Winnipeg Harvest – May 17.

UP Bursary

The Bursary committee reported that all 10 students recommended by the Office of Students Affairs in the University of the Philippines Tacloban campus will be awarded a bursary totaling $2,297.19. The top three from the 10 students will be given $400 each and rest of the seven students will be given  $148.17.

I-Remit will also waive the transaction fee for five students and UPAA will pay for the transaction fee (which may be discounted) of the remaining five ($60).


The survey results were also discussed. Results can be found in: and

Elected Members

The Elections committee meanwhile reported that nominated and elected officials for 2014 are as follows:

Chairperson – Norman Gacria

Secretary – Lourdes Casanares

Treasurer – Jeremy Malana

Membership Committee Head – Mervin Maramag

The following positions were still open as of the AGM: Social Responsibility Head, Fundraising Committee Head, and Information and Communication Head.

These positions are expected to be filled and presented by the Christmas Party on December 12 by contacting members who are willing to take the positions

Four Honourary Members were also elected through deliberation and secret balloting of the Board of Officers, subject to the acceptance of the elected. Names will be released upon acceptance of the elected honourary members.

20 members attended the AGM.


By Jeusa Raflores

source: Sarah Gonzales’ minutes of the meeting





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