UPAA-MB shares the love at Winnipeg Harvest

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Members of the University of the Philippines Alumni and Associates (UPAA) and their families took time from their weekend on Saturday, February 12, to give back to the community by volunteering at the Winnipeg Harvest.

The volunteers attended an orientation session with a detailed explanation of Winnipeg Harvest’s purpose and goals. This was followed by a tour of their warehouse. Afterwards, the group helped prepare and bag food items for sorting. By the time the group was finished, 600 bags of food had been readied for delivery to families in need throughout Winnipeg.

UPAA was formed last year in order to unite alumni of the University of the Philippines. As Iskolar ng Bayan, they bring to Canada their value of needing to serve people. From this, the idea of volunteering as a group was initialized.

Due to the success of the Winnipeg Harvest event, the UPAA plans to make volunteering a regular part of the organization’s activities. The UPAA hopes that additional members will join the organization and that members participate in future volunteering opportunities to help the community. The organization hopes to create new group initiative activities with the members and their families.

Published at Pilipino Express, many thanks to L. Solis for the contributed article!

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