Members Take Up the Challenge

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This year’s summer outing was held at the Birds Hill Provincial Park on July 18. There was a good turnout from members and families who drove to the park and gathered at
the central beach area despite of a rain forecast.

The day kick-started with the UPAA-MB Amazing Race Challenge. Members were divided into two teams which were given a set of clues leading to different race destinations.

The first destination was a Pitstop – The Playground. Everyone took a trip to their childhood memory lane diving down the kiddie slides and playing follow the leader around the playground before finishing off with a group selfie. The next destination was a Road Block – The Beachfront. One member of each team stepped up and carry the load for the rest by paddling around the lake on an inflatable mattress. The third destination was another Pitstop – The Lifeguard House. The team’s challenge was to get the name of the lifeguard and wish him good luck. Next destination was a Detour – The Canteen. Each team was given 5 dollars to buy any food item and eat it as a team. The last destination of the race was a Pitstop – The Comfort Room. The teams cleaned up the area by picking up litter and placing it in the garbage bins. Both teams successfully finished the race displaying mental and physical toughness figuring out the clues and running from one destination to another.  This race once again revealed the fun, competitive, and adventurous spirit of the members.

The next game was called the Survivor Challenge. Two teams gathered at the beach volleyball area to simulate a night battle siege between two army troops. One team took the side of the aggressor while the other one defended. Armed with water guns and water bombs, the defenders tried to protect their fortress by firing at the aggressors who were trying to reach their base. The main catch of the game was that both aggressors and defenders crawled all throughout the challenge and used night vision goggles (aka swim goggles covered with electric tape) to literally “nighten” their vision. The game turned out to be challenging but fun as only a few people finished the drill unscathed. At the end of the game, it was wet and wild as people threw the leftover water bombs at each other.

Freshly grilled Pinoy pork bbq and a host of other appetizing potluck contributions were feasted on by the tired and hungry members by noontime. Visiting alumni Nazer and Kay Balajadia-Liggayu from UP College of Music graced the event.

True to the forecast, the downpour of rain began after lunch which left all the members literally bonding and enjoying what’s left for the day under one tent.

By Danjae Medina

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