Finally, Winter Fun!

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tepeeAfter a long wait due to several delays for UPAA’s “Winter Fun” activity, March 8 finally marked a break in frigid weather conditions and members of UPAA took advantage of a “warm weekend,” by pushing through with the fun.

Members spent half a day at Fort Whyte Alive, an outdoor recreational area located at 1961 McCreary Rd, where activities like toboganning, skating, snowshoeing, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing, and ice-fishing are offered this winter.

Members went toboganning first and most were first timers, a fact which made the experience even more fun.

Screams of excitement filled the air as each member went downhill on a toboggan.

Members also tried snowshoeing and toured a typical type of dwelling for Native Americans called tepee.

Janine Rose Quijano, one member who saw a tepee for the first time was amazed at the nomadic way of life of Indians before. “I’ve never been inside a tepee so it was amazing to see and realize the difference between their way of life before and the way of life now, with people living in high-rise condos and houses.”

Janine and other UPAA members learned that a tepee is traditionally made of animal skin and wooden poles, that give its dwellers warmth in winter, cool retreat in the summer, and dry space in a rainy day.

By Lourdes Casanares and Jeusa Raflores


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