Moves, Grooves and Anything Goes at Maskipaps: Just Dance Edition

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Maskipaps: Just Dance Edition

The Membership Committee organized a fun-filled event for its members last Saturday, March 16. Dubbed “Maskipaps: Just Dance Edition”, attendees danced to different songs from the Just Dance 3 and 4 video game series. This activity was attended by several UPAA-MB, Inc. members, including their family and friends, who were warmly welcomed at the Mercado residence.

Maskipaps Maskipaps

Attendees were divided into four groups: Happy, Jazzy, Crazy and Funky. Battle rounds were divided into three: group dances, single rounds and a duo/duet round, with easy, average, and difficult songs to be completed by a member of each group. Groups picked their turns and each number they selected had an assigned group or duo song for them to perform. Members set aside their shyness and danced the night away.

Of course, the night was not full of fun without the challenges. Some of them were  the fast, quirky and catchy Bollywood song “Beware of the boys”, the funny wrestling-based choreography for “The Final Countdown”, and the Japanese song, “Spectronizer”. The event ended shortly after midnight after the groups danced “Gangnam Style” for the finale.

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