Lifelong Seminar 2: On Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business

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Whatever we do in life, it is essential that we never stop learning new things. Starting a business enables one to unlock hidden talents and abilities to achieve greater things like financial independence, career advancement and increase contribution to society.

UPAA-MB members attended a seminar about “Starting a Business in Manitoba” on July 4 at Sir William Stephenson Library. The guest speaker, Valen Vergara, discussed key business principles particularly in start-up processes, brand management, and business strategies.

Valen Vergara is an award winning social Entrepreneur, author, speaker, and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketer. He leads various business enterprises like Young Entrepreneurs Society International, The Thought Authorities (a personal development publishing company), The Worldwide Expedition for Peace & Truth Project Inc., Now Network Joint Ventures Corp., Team Made Estate (TMR), and Millionaire Mastermind Alliance. His life’s work is centered on mentoring, empowering, and investing in the field of human potential.

Mr. Vergara highlighted the roles of various institutions that help people start their own business. These institutions and support groups include Entrepreneurship Manitoba, Manitoba Business Gateways, and Companies Office.

He discussed the importance of building a “brand” by association, testimonials, achievement and by creating big impressions. He emphasized that one doesn’t need to quit his or her full-time job immediately when starting up a business. Valen said that entrepreneurs should focus on the business model and not the business plan, study the market by researching potential clients and competitors, and conduct micro-testing to assess the acceptability of the product/services before doing full-blown business launching.

Valen donated a copy of his book, “The People, Planet, Profit Entrepreneur”, for every UPAA-MB members to read. For more information about Valen Vergara and his work, please go to

By Norman Aceron Garcia, EIT

Norman holding the book, The People, Planet, Profit Entrepreneur, written by Valen Vergara

Norman holding the book, The People, Planet, Profit Entrepreneur, written by Valen Vergara


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