Green Team wins in PalarOlympics 2014

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palaro-2014Green Team won over Orange Team with the score of 79-57 in this year’s PalarOlympics held in Kildonan Park last Aug 9.

Alongside the cheering competition, the games for this year were: egg catching, relay, Chinese garter, tumbang preso, patintero, and dodge ball.

“The games were very creative and I had a lot of fun learning them,” Jeff, a non-Filipino guest who experienced playing Philippine games for the first time said. He added that he met a lot of very cool people.

Always with a competitive spirit, Darren Gonzales, Green team member, was elated for winning and (jokingly) said, “We won because we met and trained for two weeks to prepare for this olympics. Huge loss for the other team [tambak], they should make it better next time.”

On the other hand, Sarah Gonzales, Orange team member replied, “We tried our best but winning didn’t materialize so now we’ll focus on training and we’ll see these guys next year.”

Aside from fun and friendly competition among adults, kids also shared in the enjoyment. Darryl Mailom, 11, said “I had lots of fun. The games were very competitive.”  He added that his favorite game was patintero. “It was a very good mixture of tag and whatever. It’s my favorite and second is dodge ball.”

Around 30 members –both old and new, and visitors attended the event.

PalarOlympics is an annual UPAA-MB Inc. event held to celebrate, relive, and pay tribute to Philippine games.

By Jeusa Raflores


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