Governing Body

Chairperson: Lourdes Casañares
Secretary: Jennifer Merin
Treasurer: Danjae Medina
Membership Committee Head: Jeremy Malana
Fundraising Committee Head: Norman Aceron Garcia
Social Responsibility Committee Head: Darren Gonzales
Information and Communication Committee Head: Edwin Madera

Chairperson: Norman Aceron Garcia
Secretary: Lourdes Casañares
Treasurer: Jeremy Malana
Membership Committee Head: Mervin Maramag
Fundraising Committee Head: Mei Villafania
Social Responsibility Committee Head: Pauline Meier
Information and Communication Committee Head: Nikki Mailom

Chairperson: Ramon F. Sales, Jr.
Secretary: Sarah Gonzales
Treasurer: Arlene Lontoc
Membership Committee Head: Mei Villafania
Fundraising Committee Head: Nikki Mailom
Social Responsibility Committee Head: Paulo Fabian
Information and Communication Committee Head: Jeusa Raflores

Chairperson: Anna Juangco-Maniquiz
Secretary: Kristine Acab-David
Treasurer: Danjae Medina
Membership Committee Head: Bless Ramos
Fundraising Committee Head: Pong Maniquiz
Social Responsibility Committee Head: Divine Teodoro
Information and Communication Committee Head: Nikki Mailom

Chairperson: Jullie Quijano
Secretary: Christy Domingo
Treasurer: Joanna Flores
Membership Committee Head: Jeffrey David
Fundraising Committee Head: Jerome Javier
Social Responsibility Committee Head: Arwin Chua
Information and Communication Committee Head: Arianne Solis

Upcoming events

June 23, 2018 Saturday – Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast, 8am-10am at Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, 1150 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg MB. Any inquiries can be sent to [email protected]